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Business Overview
Demco Public Company Limited operates 5 core businesses; 1) Design, Construction and Contract all kinds of Electrical Engineering  works such as Transmission line, Substation, 2) Mechanic and Electrical System, 3) Energy Conservation, 4) Telecommunications  5. Fabrication and Distribution of Steel Structure for Transmission Line, and Billboard Signs.  The company was established on June 1st, 1992 and became listed in the Stock market on July 29th, 2010 with its registered capital of 635,461,843 Baht; of which 435,461,843 Bath was paid capital. The company is under the management of senior-level engineers with over 20 years of experiences.

Demco’ s business can be classified into 2 categories:

1.Services Business

The company designed, constructs and contracts all kinds of engineering works (Turnkey Basis) for customers from both government and private sectors, as the Contractors, Consortium, and Subcontractor to support the company’s business expansion and growth. Our services business can be categorized as following:

1.1 Electrical Engineering

High Voltage Transmission Line System is the transmission system from receiving electricity from originating sources such as dam, Solar Power plants to Transmission and Substation. Transmission Line System can handle   69 KV  115 KV  230 KV  and  500 KV pressure level, under the responsibility of The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and The Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), Independent Power Producer (IPP), Small Power Producer (SPP) and Large Manufacturing Factory which are all the company’ customers.

At present, the company can handle up to the 230 KV. Transmission Line Construction. The company is preparing the joint venture with oversea partner in order to bid in the 500 KV Transmission Line Construction project.

High Voltage Substation receiving electricity from originating sources and transfer electricity pressure to Transmission Line and Power Supply System to users. Substation transferring electricity has pressure from 500KV, 230KV, 115KV and 22 KV.
Underground Electricity System Construction is the construction of 22KV and 33KV lower pressure cable from Substation to users. Underground Electricity System is the Distribution Line and Transmission Line construction underground. Distribution Line construction service is continuously expanding according to increasing customer base. Our main customers for this service is PEA, MEA, IPP, SPP and other industrial business.

From above, it proves that the company provides complete services of design, construct and management from originating source, electricity receiving center to consumers as shown in the chart below.

1.2 Mechanical and Electrical System (M&E) 
The company designs, constructs and manages Mechanical and Electric Systems and facilities such as Electrical System, Water Management, Air-conditioning and ventilation, Steam and Hot Water System, to buildings, Electrical and Government facilities. The company’s customers are in the government and private sectors, currently, the company focuses mainly on factories and can provide a complete service to our customers.

1.3 Telecommunications
Starting from manufacturing and installation for customers who demand for Telecommunication Tower from government, private sector as well as mobile phone operator and its subcontractor,  The company  is one of the two companies in Thailand which can use Blowing Method in the construction of Optical Fiber Cable. For example, the company used the Blowing Method in laying the fiber optic in PTT Group Public Company Limited’ s Gas Pipeline project.

1.4 Energy Conservation In 223, the company has become a registered consultant in Energy Construction through the Department of Alternative Energy and Energy Conservation. Currently, the company participates in the Government’s energy conservation projects by designing and setting up energy conservation system for government units and large-scale factories.

2. Sales Business

2.1 Steel Structure Fabrication

At its 40- rai factory in Nongmuang, Lopburi City, the company manufactures products upon the customer’s demand. The engineers will design, control the process and quality assurance randomly.  The company’s products are:

2.1.1 Steel Structure for Telecommunications Work ; 2 types

Self Support Tower
The Zinc Steel Structure, with 35-100 meters in height suitable for limited area of installation.


Guyed Mast Tower
The Zinc Steel Structure, with 16-80 meters in height, suitable for wide        installation area because it has to use twisted steel to attach to the Tower.

This part of the company’s work include of both turn-key project work and the straight-purchase customer that order only Telecommunication tower from us. Our main customers are SIEMENS, MOTOROLA, UCOM(use DTAC Network) Huawei Technology (Thailand), CAT Telecom, TOT, Alcatel etc.

2.1.2 Steel Structure for Distribution, Transmission line and Substation;

design Made-to-order for each project.
2.1.3 Steel Structure for large outdoors billboard signs, with 10-30 meters in height.;

Professional work to design and fabricate Steel Structure. Our customers are Master Ad Public Company Limited and other advertising companies.